A.G.M.DINAMO.'s blog depaseste din ce in ce mai multe granite/A.G.M.DINAMO.'s blog is passing more and more borders

Incet dar sigur,acest blog, http://agmdinamo48.blogspot.com/,incepe sa atraga persoane din afara Romaniei cu repeziciune.Fie ca sunt romani aflati in strainatate,fie ca sunt fani dinamovisti plecati in diferite zari care isi gasesc aici un refugiu si un loc de incredere pentru a se informa in privinta echipei lor de suflet,un lucru e cert iar cifrele confirma:blogul capteaza din ce in ce mai multi vizitatori din diverse locuri de pe glob.

Practic,avand in vedere ca eu,ca administrator al acestui site,nu am facut niciodata publicitate acestui blog,sunt mai mult decat satisfacut sa constat ca adresa blogului a ajuns,intr-un fel sau altul,pe toate continentele locuibile de pe Pamant.Din Rusia pana in Argentine,din Canada pana in Noua Zeelanda,din Norvegia pana in Nigeria si din China pana in Portugalia,fie si o persoana din tarile enumerate mai sus au intrat,de-a lungul unui an de existenta a blogului,aici.

Pentru unii poate parea o bucurie minora,insa cei care stiu sa aprecieze munca si timpul enorm depuse aici in decursul ultimului an,pot rezona si intelege exuberanta mea cu privire la acest fapt.Tin sa mentionez ca in ultimele zile vizitatorii din Spania si Italia cu precadere s-au intrecut asiduu pentru ocuparea tarii straine cu cei mai multi vizitatori,inregistrandu-se rasturnari de situatie in ceea ce priveste statistica.

Si pentru ca nu imi iese nici un profit de pe urma acestui blog,singura satisfactie reala si datatoare de ambitie pentru a merge mai departe,este atentia voastra indreptata spre acest blog,care nu se vrea a fi decat o sursa de informare si un jurnal personal.Celor care au inteles motivul existentei acestui blog,celor care au priceput regulile acestui blog,celor care inteleg sinceritatea si placerea randurilor scrise aici zi de zi,le multumesc din suflet si ii respect!

Slow but sure,this blog, http://agmdinamo48.blogspot.com/ ,is beginning to attract persons form beyond Romania's borderlines with great speed.Wether this people are Romanians living abroad,wheter they are DINAMO fans from worldwide who seek here for a refuge they can trust and from where they can find news concerning their soul-team,one thing is for certain and the numbers confirm this fact:the blog captures more and more visitors from different parts of the Globe.

Practically,considering that I,as the administrator of this blog,never advertised for it,I'm more than satisfied to consist that this blog's adress,reached,in one way or another,all the habitable continents of the Earth.From Russia to Argentina,from Canada to New Zealand,from Norway to Nigeria and from China to Portugal,at least one person from this countries has entered here,through out the last year.

For some,this could seem like a minor joy,but those who know to assess the time and effort spent here for the past year can reason and understand my exuberance regarding this fact.I do care to mention that,for the past last days,visitors form Spain and Italy have been raceing each other hardly for the position of the foreign country with the most visits,recording many upsetting situations concerning statistics.

And because this is a non-profit blog,the only real satisfaction and ambition giving to go forward is your attention guided twards this blog,wich his purpose is to be a source of information and a personal diary.To those who assesst the main reason for this blog's existance,to those who aknowledged the rules of this blog,to those who understand the sincerity and pleasure of this rows daily,I thank you from the bottom of my heart and respect you!

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